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2019 April-June

Half Your Year is Gone
Pride or Regret, Leverage it or retool
Getting to 2nd Base
Why would someone agree to a discovery meeting?
How Do We Compare?
2 stories about recent wins
The 5 Bottlenecks to Growth
Expectations, Time, Who do I call on, What so I say, What needs to happen to gt hired?
Agenda for 1st Meeting
layout your toolboxes & contrast your approach to getting someone best ROI on the spend
Discovery Workbook
Innovative Ways of opening up discussions with potential buyers
Complicated is hard to execute
so let's make that easy
Several Qs I would ask a Producer
when he/she returns from an Initial Meeting (and ask a buyer)
What if the key to Building Your Book
is being a loser
Why Toolboxes?
Allows us not to solve too early
Discovery Tools
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