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2019 January-March

Do's and Don'ts of a Blueprint
Nirvana Status Quo
The Nirvana Scale
Our most up to date initial meeting conversation
Buyer to say "I Dont Know"
Easy way to get a buyer to say it
Financial Levers - A Practical Use
If we lined up 100 CFOs...
Speaking to a long time BP Producer
Always knows where he is in a deal
Initial Meeting Email
Email to send after meeting
Components of the Blueprint/Close
DOS - Ideally on 1 page
Where are you on the spectrum?
Healthcare Nirvana
Know what you must ASK,
and get them to answer
Importance of having clarity 
about where you are in a deal...
Strung Out Deal
How to deal with a strung out deal after they have the Blueprint​
The Ultimate... 
is writing business and also is that resource that impacts our sales language.
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