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"Having Blueprint as a track to run on helps me always know what the next best step with a prospect is. It gives me leverage when the path I have for a prospect to follow is better than theirs or any other broker.


Since becoming a Blueprint Producer I have written 15 cases for roughly 225K revenue and assisted our team to bring in another 300K. As a team, me, my co-workers and Blueprint make a great team.


I AM A Blueprinter."

Austin J. TN

"We have transitioned from a prospect-controlled process that focused on price to a process that is driven by a focus on risk management results.

BCG has helped us to completely differentiate from our competition / peers.  We have dramatically reduced the amount of time we waste on quoting and instead we have spent that time more effectively helping clients and prospects manage their risk. 


In the past 18 months with BCG, we have taken more accounts by Broker of Record letter than we had in the previous 10 years combined. "

David B. PA

"I recently went back and listened to your “What to Say When We Get a Prospect on the Line” coaching video. The method behind you approach was centered around “Pattern Interruption.”


I’ve been running my calls almost exactly as you instructed on that video.


I set 2 appointments today using that exact format with companies I’ve been unable to get a meeting with in the past. Just wanted to pass along the feedback and thank you again for your coaching!"

Sam S. TX

“We were continuously being drawn into bidding wars and capabilities presentations, yielding disappointing results. Blueprint allows us to differentiate with every client and prospect and we are valued more for what we know instead of our 'stuff.'

Since becoming a Blueprint Partner we have written 30 cases by BOR with a 70% closing ratio.


I OWN Blueprint."

Lauren Y. NV

“I may be enjoying this business for the very first time. I have become more strategic and the years of experience I have developed, I am being rewarded for more than ever. 


Since becoming a Blueprint Partner I have written 5 high value cases for $1.2 Million in revenue.”

Beverly B. FL

"The Blueprint method is a powerful system that gives me clarity on how to both open and close new business. It begins with creative prospecting tools that stop prospects in their tracks and ends with a plan to help my client improve, that we are attached to.

Since becoming a Blueprint Producer a short time ago, I have written 11 cases with 165K in revenue and a huge pipeline leading to a great year end.



Joey M. WA

"You have changed my world, I owe you. I am absolutely killing it and more importantly really loving this process and helping people. Looking forward to your feedback from the group and how we can improve."

Mike B. VA

“Wanted to give you a heads up, I’ve had the best year of my life in the insurance business using the blueprint winning every group. I’ve written about 650k this year, that’s spilt with another producer but still the best year I’ve had.   The Blueprint has been kind to me 

Todd S. UT

"The blueprint process gave me the confidence and mindset to go after the customers I want to reach in order to exceed my goals. "

Tyler L. TN

What Our Clients Are Saying 

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