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2019 July- September

Why the backdrop of the process is important to differentiation
Blueprint Overview and why understanding this is everything.
Expanded Explanation on Outcomes a prospect will receive by going through our process with us and how to get the buyer to see the vision of it.
Importance of Defining Next Steps
 how to do it and when and what to do when your prospect doesn’t live up to their commitment
Our Biggest Hurdles Are Here
Initial Meeting Start to Finish
Be Pre-Occupied with what you want to know about them, not what you want them to know about you
Plan Source Email Subject
Get One week per month back
Featuring Chip Abernathy
Why do deals stall or never happen even when everyone in the room agrees our plan and tools are better?
Creating an open and honest environment (Holy Grail in sales)
Don't be overly grateful - go in to a meeting as business person sitting across from a fellow investor
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