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Blueprint Certified Partners

A Blueprint Certified Partner goes far beyond being a "vendor." They are what we call "promise deliverers." They help our commercial and benefit adviser clients deliver on the promises they make. They are committed to helping us differentiate within the Blueprint framework. They know what Blueprint advisers are trying to accomplish with prospects and clients, as well as, how to show up well along side us.

To learn about our Certified Partners, please contact Hannah Marion.


Blueprint Consulting Group has partnered with following companies.

Your Touchpoints

Your Touchpoints team effectively communicates employee benefits solutions to employees. They are skilled in taking complex ideas, messages and programs and making them easy to understand. 


HR Pro

HRPro executes your HR and benefit administration needs so you don’t have to. Their winning combination of compliance expertise, easy-to-use technology, and personalized service engages your employees and allows you to focus on your core business.


Benefits Passport:

Benefits Passport provides employers with an advantage in acquiring and retaining employees by making it easy for employees to shop, understand and appreciate their benefits package. This self-service platform offers employers a choice of multiple plans, the ability to define a level contribution,  24/7 access and emergency support. Benefits Passport mitigates the burden of administration and compliance risk.

Code SixFour:

Through simple and powerful technology tools, supported by engaging professional development, Code SixFour provides independent brokers and benefits consultants with the industry's first benefits consulting platform, to revolutionize their business and impact clients with more relevant and differentiated services. Code SixFour empowers brokers and consultants to create a powerful offense and strengthen their practice like never before through innovative technology. In an industry going through transformation, Code SixFour is a must have.


Dynamis is the leading plan optimization solution for innovative insurance brokers across the United States.  Eliminate 20 year old static spreadsheets and showcase your unique ability to find creative, cost-saving solutions, answer questions in real-time and guide your clients to the right decisions.  With ACA impact, Self-Funding coming downstream, and your clients struggling with large increases, your job has gotten more difficult and your clients need more guidance than ever.  Differentiate yourself in a market that’s more competitive than ever with a smarter, modern approach to plan design.


IBX is an outsourcing partner for employee benefits brokerage firms. They help brokers in many aspects of their business operations to enhance efficiencies and margins, specializing in handling large group RFPs and total outsourcing for under 50 lives. IBX has engaged with over 100 firms across the country. Currently, they manage in excess of $2 billion of annualized premiums.

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