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Nothing changes a sales culture and provides a boost to organic growth like a hungry sales person that knows how to make things happen. Blueprint’s unique process to recruit, compensate and develop sales talent is a model we have developed working with hundreds of agencies over the last fifteen years. Click here for detailed literature on Blueprint's Recruiting and Development Program. 


To learn about our producer recruiting and development model
and to see if it’s a fit for your firm please contact Traci Jenkins.

Looking for more information on the recruiting and development process? Thursday, November 3rd at 1:00pm Central, Blueprint is hosting an informative webinar on 'How to Recruit and Develop Producers in the Modern Era.' Click here to sign up for the webinar.  


We can’t predict a

person’s success but we can guarantee it.

Blueprint provides a

twelve (12) month

replacement guarantee

for the searches we

conduct as long as our

compensation model,

sales training, tracking

and mentor tracks have been followed.


  • We develop a local candidate pool from scratch.

  • Most candidates are passive and are selected from industries we believe have the skill sets we desire.

  • We place emphasis on a candidate's provable ability to prospect.

  • Each candidate goes through two separate interviews.

  • Testing is provided by Proles XT to gain insight into their sales “DNA.”

  • Only candidates perceived as high performers will be presented.

  • We work with our agency clients on an interview process when the candidate is presented.


  • We help the agency with local mentorship

  • Goals and Expectations Exercises with candidate and mentor

  • Prospecting Strategy Session for the year

  • 52 Weeks of reporting and transparency on sales effort and effectiveness using the Blueprint Sales Cycle Dashboard(TM)

  • Provide Blueprint Sales Training for new producer and mentor

  • Weekly Live Forums with other producers for collaboration an peer-to-peer coaching

  • Just-In-Time Coaching (TM) gives each new producer unfettered access to a coach to deal with objections in the field as well as making sure their effort is at the proper level.

We believe hiring new producers can be a rewarding pathway to growth or a slippery slope. If your recruiting and development process isn’t built to foster the right behaviors, it can even be disastrous.

Some common mistakes we believe firms have made historically are:

1.Tapping into the wrong type of candidate pool to get the result they want to achieve by relying more on technical skills than sales skills as their primary skill set.

2. Relying solely on how they feel about a candidate's ability to create opportunities at a high level instead of building this outcome/result into their compensation and incentive plan.

3. Measurement tends to rely on lag indicators (revenue) instead of lead indicators (activities) that are a greater predictor of future growth.

4. A lack of structure and effective sales management in place to monitor sales effort and effectiveness. This often leads to frustration and even resentment if revenue takes longer than expected.

Within the Blueprint model, we have developed a highly structured development process with a compensation model that incentivizes the right behaviors. With 52 weeks of tracking and coaching, each candidate has every opportunity to reach their full potential and each agency shareholder has the peace of mind that their investment will yield a return.


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