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Welcome to Blueprint 5.0

 Blueprint Toolbox


Over the last 15 years, we have devoted significant time to studying high performing sales leaders. Our simple leadership program is about leading people and managing situations in a practical and meaningful way. Coaching tools are the centerpiece of our leadership model. By capturing the right data, it becomes very obvious where adjustments can be made in order to improve performance. 

Data Analytics

Our sales data analytics team was built to help individual producers and entire agencies better predict their future. We have developed an “assembly for growth” to help sales teams understand exactly how much effort they need to apply each day to hit their targets. Our sales data analytics tools were developed with high performing producers to help identify bottlenecks and coaching opportunities. 



Using a modern set of tools and resources, producers will be able market themselves , differentiate and close new accounts much more efficiently and enjoyably. Blueprint producers have a different story to tell and a process that brings value to perspective buyers from the first conversation all the way to the point of close. 

Producer Recruiting

High performing agencies continuously invest in sales talent as a part of their growth strategy. Blueprint has built a compensation model that minimizes the exposure for you and maximizes the return on investment quickly. Blueprint has developed a fully integrated method of candidate sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, and compensation paired with training and development. We can teach you our methods or you can fully outsource the process to us.

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WhAt our clients Are saying

We've Been Blessed to Work with Some Amazing Clients. See Some of Their stories below

“We were continuously being drawn into bidding wars and capabilities presentations, yielding disappointing results. Blueprint allows us to differentiate with every client and prospect and we are valued more for what we know instead of our 'stuff.'

Since becoming a Blueprint Partner we have written 30 cases by BOR with a 70% closing ratio.


I OWN Blueprint."

— Lauren. NV

“As a new producer coming from outside of the industry, I really had no clue what I was getting into. The Blueprint method is a powerful system that gives me clarity on how to both open and close new business. It begins with creative prospecting tools that stop prospects in their tracks and ends with a plan to help my client improve, that we are attached to.


Having unlimited access to a Blueprint coach to help me think through opportunities and a peer pod to collaborate with have been invaluable.


Since becoming a Blueprint Producer a short time ago, I have written 11 cases with 165K in revenue and a huge pipeline leading to a great year end.



Joey. WA

“I may be enjoying this business for the very first time. I have become more strategic and the years of experience I have developed, I am being rewarded for more than ever. 


Since becoming a Blueprint Partner I have written 5 high value cases for $1.2 Million in revenue.”

                - Beverly. FL

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